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Our story—Graphic Design with a PEI twist

At Ruby Square Graphic Design we are passionate about Prince Edward Island, the small businesses so unique to this province, the artistic events and organizations that make this province an incredible place to live, and the quality of hard-working people who want to show off what they have to offer.


Something was missing...

With over 10 years of Graphic Design experience on PEI and literally thousands of projects completed, owner Maggie Lillo began to see something was missing in what she was offering to her clients. Lots of great design was being created and utilized, but what was missing for many of her clients were the unifying elements that would really bring them to the next level. Larger companies can afford an in-house team to handle unified branding and marketing but small businesses are left on their own to tackle an area they haven't been trained to understand.

Out of need, an idea was born.

What was needed was a simple and clean approach to taking care of the small businesses and organizations of PEI the way larger companies do it, but in a way that fits the budget of a smaller enterprise. Thus was born the idea of offering packages, tailored to fit the unique landscape of Prince Edward Island business, which for the most part is all about smaller ventures. Ruby Square was born of a desire to give small businesses, events and organizations a level playing field in the area of visual communications, to compete in this growing community of grass roots entrepreneurship.

Your visual communications team!

We've just begun here at Ruby Square, and are working hard to daily come up with new solutions and packages to assist Island entrepreneurs in the often overwhelming and confusing areas of branding and marketing—by making it simple, and clear and taking out the guesswork, we hope to become your personal "in-house" visual communications team!

We'll get you there!

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