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How much will it cost?


This is probably the first question we get asked when we are approached with a new project. But we know you aren't looking for a pre-made cookie cutter product or package. You want someone who will work with you to create a completely unique solution for your business or project. Therefore a cookie-cutter price list is not really what you need.

Our FREE pricing process


When you contact us with an idea for your project the first thing we'll do is set up a free meeting with you, by phone or in person, where we can talk a bit about what your specific needs and goals. We'll have questions for you so we can hone in on where you are with your visual communications, your budget constraints and your vision. Within a few days we will get back to you with our recommendations and cost estimates. You are under no obligation to go any further or we can work with you to modify the project if necessary. You will never be billed for these discussions, you will get only the work you want for the price you have agreed to. There will be no high-pressure sales, we don't want to work with you unless you are as committed to your future success as we are.

Easy peasy - and no surprises!


At Ruby Square we hate getting invoices where there are a lot of hidden costs that we suddenly have to pay. We want to making sure that never happens to you! If a project looks like it might be going over budget, we will contact you beforehand to make sure no costs will be added on that you do not understand and agree to. When you receive your invoice from us, it will all be old news, nothing new to see here!

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